Steep Shot Photo Contest Rules

Squamish Mountain Festival would like to extend a Wildcard Entry to all aspiring photographers who have a passion for shooting climbing and climbing-lifestyle photographs. Enter your slideshow for a chance to be selected as the 2011 Wildcard photographer, and have a chance to win a grand prize of up to $1000. Here's what you need to do to enter:

  1. Make a 2 minute slideshow to showcase your climbing and climbing culture still photographs
  2. Format your slideshow to play as a Quicktime Movie file (.Mov)
  3. Submit your slideshow on a CD or DVD to the Arc'teryx head office NO LATER than 5pm on MONDAY, JUNE 27th 2011
  4. Include a bio and headshot: All wildcard entries are anonymous, however we ask that you submit a headshot and a bio along with your entry that will be used in our promotional materials and on our website should your entry be included in the slideshow event.

For full terms and conditions for the WildCard photographer position, please see below, or download this PDF version.

WildCard Submission Entry

Procedure & Overview

  1. All Interested climbing/climbing-lifestyle photographers looking to submit for the one Wild Card position are asked to submit a Quicktime Movie (.MOV) containing a 2 minute slide show of your images set to music. For consideration, the Quicktime Movie on a recordable DVD or CD must be received at the Arc'teryx Office no later than Monday, June 27, 2011 (prior to 5pm). If your images are not already in digital format, they must be scanned at 1024 (width) x 768 (height) pixels. All files should be JPG format. Your Slideshow should offer a broad scope of your climbing or climbing lifestyle photography portfolio and must be set to music. It should be reflective of the 3 to 5 minute presentation you would create should you be chosen as the wild card finalist to present your work in Squamish on Thursday July 14th at the 2011 Squamish Mountain Festival.
  2. Photographers are welcome to use any software platform for preparing their show (Keynote, Power Point, Final Cut Pro, etc.), however slide shows MUST be uploaded in QUICKTIME FORMAT (.MOV). If you do not have QuickTime on your computer you can download it at Slideshows submitted in any format other than QuickTime will be automatically disqualified.
  3. All wild card entries are anonymous; therefore Slideshows must be free from any features such as names or logos that may identify the photographer.
  4. Photographers must also send an additional recordable DVD or CD containing the following information. Please note that entries will not be considered unless the following information accompanies your submission.
    1. Head Shot (300dpi, jpeg format)
    2. Short Bio
    3. A Promotional Photo that can be posted on our website and used in our promotional material for the festival. Should you be chosen as a finalist to present at the festival in Squamish we will use the Promotional Photo on our website, in event posters, program guides. Please list all appropriate photo credits (athlete, etc.) and we will ensure these are included in any publication of the Photo (300 dpi, jpeg format).

The Steep Shot Photo Shoot Out is scheduled for Thursday July 14, 2011.

Steep Shot Slideshow Shootout

Rules & Regulations

All photographers are reminded that the Steep Shot event at the Squamish Mountain Festival is a celebration of still images and that judging is based on overall impression.

The judges will be looking at the contestants' ability to present outstanding photography combined with a soundtrack in order to create a stunning and compelling show. The show that is deemed by the judges to be the best overall presentation will be chosen as the winner. That stated, the following guidelines and restrictions have been created to guide you in this process:

  1. While we recognize that digitally enhancing or manipulating images is part of the average photographer's process - PLEASE BE AWARE that over manipulation of images and over production of shows may work against you in the judging process.
  2. Using music or audio to accompany the show is mandatory. Candidates must include a soundtrack within their photo presentation. The Squamish Mountain Festival will not take any responsibility for music licensing, and will not publish musical scores in promotional campaigns without proper licensing.
  3. No more than one image may appear on screen at the same time, however dissolves and fades are allowed.
  4. No morphs (multiple images in a sequence projected within the same frame) are allowed.
  5. Recomposing (moving elements within an image from their original position or adding elements from other images) is not allowed.
  6. Zooming and panning of images during the presentation is strictly prohibited.
  7. The maximum duration of each show is 5 minutes.

*Please Note: Judges have the right to automatically disqualify a photographer from the competition if any of the above rules have been violated. We remind you again that blatant over manipulation, rapid fire sequencing and overproduced shows may work against you in the judging process. Please also keep in mind that the entire slideshow must be the sole work of the creator of the images.

Judging & Awards

  1. A panel of 4 judges will be selected by the Squamish Mountain Festival event team to select the Best of Show.
  2. Judges will use a criteria sheet provided by the Squamish Mountain Festival event team. The judges are prohibited from discussing the results of the show with anyone, including the winner, finalists and audience members before, during and after the show.
  3. At the conclusion of the final presentation, judges will move to a location outside the pub where the event is held and tally the scores for each show where a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner will be chosen. The photographer with the highest score will win 1st and the 2nd and 3rd will follow.
  4. The winner of the Steep Shot will receive a grand prize of $1000.00 CDN. The 2nd place winner of the event will receive $500.00 CDN and the third place winner will receive $250 CDN.
  5. Each participant will also receive a gift certificate for an Arc'teryx Outdoor jacket of their choice. (where availability allows)
  6. The event directors of the Squamish Mountain Festival will decide on any unforeseen circumstances or anything not covered by the rules that could have significant financial and/orlegal consequences. Such decisions will supersede any ruling by the judges.

Entries and inquires should be directed to:

Angela Percival
C/O Arc'teryx Equipment Inc.
Suite 100 - 2155 Dollarton Hwy
North Vancouver, B.C.
V7H 3B2
Tel: 604-960-3001

Deadline for submissions is Monday, June 27, 2011. Late submissions will not be considered. Only complete submissions (as outlined above) will be considered.

The finalist will be notified by Wednesday, June 30, 2011.

Travel and accommodation in Squamish will be provided for the finalists chosen to present in Squamish (if required), and will be booked by the festival staff.

For more information please contact: Laura Fergusson at or Angela Percival at

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